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5 Sexiest Sam Pinto Twitter Photos

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Don’t you love it when celebrities post personal photos on Twitter? They just make it easier for you to stalk them. Did I say stalk? I meant admire. They make it easier for you to admire them. One of my favorite celebrities is Sam Pinto and I thank the Internet gods for giving me access to her photos beyond what we see in photo shoots for magazines and ads. As a responsible blogger and a proper¬†Sam Pinto enthusiast, I took it upon myself to search for her 5 sexiest Twitter photos. You’re welcome.

Sam Pinto Instagram

Even Instagram focuses on her luscious lips. /creeper [Instagram]

Sam Pinto yfrog

She drives you crazy, doesn’t she? Sorry, I couldn’t resist the easy pun. [yfrog]

Sam Pinto yfrog

BEST. BEACH. PHOTO. EVER. Today. [yfrog]

Sam Pinto yfrog

In this photo, she’s with Ellen Adarna. If there’s one chick who can take my eyes off of Sam Pinto, it’s Ellen Adarna. They’re also with that Booba chick. Meh. [yfrog]

Sam Pinto yfrog

She looks different here but still smoking. /no1curr [yfrog]

OK you got me. I’m not really sure if these are her Twitter photos. I just made this list to have an excuse for rummaging through her Instagram and yfrog photos. I regret nothing.

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