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5 Reasons Why You Are Better Than Justin Bieber

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Justin BieberJustin Bieber has millions of fans all around the world, and judging from the multiple times he has been attacked online, on stage and on the streets, it is safe to say that he has a lot of haters too. But why would people hate a young boy who’s just making a living out of making girls scream? The answer is simple — he’s young, he’s rich, he’s talented and he has a hot girlfriend with a rocking body. Most people hate him because he’s an annoying little kid who has everything. Well if you’re one of those people who are jealous of this kid’s seemingly perfect life, you probably think he’s better than you. You’re wrong. Here are 5 reasons why you are better than Justin Bieber:

1. The Bieb only gets around 6 or less hours of sleep per night because of his crazy schedule. Since you’re not a pop star, you can sleep longer than that. The more sleep you get, the more healthy your life is. That’s right. You have a healthier life than the little runt.

2. You can sing at a stranger’s birthday party for free. That makes you a good guest or at least a really nice party crasher. The Bieb on the other hand asks for $2,000 to $8,000 per hour at a birthday party. It’s not always about the money, Bieber.

3. Barack Obama does not have a Justin Bieber song in his iPod. Because we are on the Internet where we can think and say whatever we want no matter how stupid it is, we have the right to outrageously conclude that he hates the kid. Can you confirm that the leader of the free world hates you too? Exactly.

Laughing Obama

4. Justin Bieber’s favorite animal is the giraffe. Not the bear. Not the shark. Not the gorilla. Not the wolverine. The giraffe. Unless your favorite animal is the sloth or any of the other lame animals out there, your taste in animals is better than his.

5. Ever since he was 7, the Bieb has been claustrophobic. This means no matter how brave he looks when engaging a sea of screaming teenagers or when he’s performing in front of millions, he is still afraid of something. The Bieb fears something and he is not perfect!

He can play the guitar, the drums and the piano and his Facebook page gets around 200,000 new fans every week, but ultimately, he is human. Bieber bleeds. He’s not a perfect person. He’s just not as poor as you.



  1. heehee, I am surprised you took the time to research on JBieb's favorite animal. and his fears.

    1. Sun Tzu said if you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.


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