I will stop bugging you with my stupid blog entries for $5.

5 Odd Fiverr Gigs

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What would you do for $5? Would you write a 3-page poem? Would you compose and sing an original song about fat people? Would you punch your own face and/or neck? I know what I’m willing to do for $5.

I will stop bugging you with my stupid blog entries for $5.

Doing things for $5 is the simple yet strangely compelling concept behind Fiverr. It’s a website where people can share what they are willing to do for $5, but it’s not as silly as it sounds. People do pretty normal things like editing papers, writing code and designing websites. But Fiverr’s charm relies on the wealth of amusing things people are willing to do for 5 bucks like drawing cartoons, posing for pictures (you need to be hot or cute lest you get laughed at) and singing songs. Some people offer straight up SRS BIZNEZ while others offer creativity and artistic talents. And then there are the oddballs.

Miserable Santa Claus | Give him a 30-second script for a video message (birthday greetings, random rants, condolences, etc.) and he’ll do it — AS MISERABLE SANTA CLAUS.

Meditation for Financial Abundance | For 5 entire minutes every single day — or every other day if she’s not up to it — this woman will meditate HARD on your financial abundance. All you have to do is keep an open mind and pay $5. Pretty soon, you’ll be receiving financial benefits and joy from THE UNIVERSE.

Message via Lunch | This dude will write your message using his lunch (it looks like rice and… secret vegetables), say something and then eat his lunch which does not look delicious at all.

A Lock of Red Hair | If you’re a fan of red-haired women — I know I am — then you need to sit down for this one. Ready? For a measly $5, this chick will send you a lock of her fiery red hair! Two inches of it! You’re welcome, creep.

30-Second Strange Stare | If you want to freak out your friends, co-workers or your annoying young nephew, you can use the services of this fine man. He will stare into the camera in a strange fashion for about 30 seconds and then he’ll say whatever you want him to say. It’s easily the most uneasy 30 seconds you can give to other people.

Let it also be known that as I was browsing through Fiverr to find the perfect gigs for this list, I stumbled upon several people who are offering to write stuff on their feet. And other people actually pay them $5 for it. Never change, Internet. Never change.



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