A Weekend With Ellen

4 Things I Want For Christmas

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Hey, it’s that time of the year again! Yes, Christmas is for family and friends and love and Jesus, but we all know it’s mostly about food and gifts. While I’m pretty sure I’m going to get to eat until I burst into little pieces of bone and fat, I may need your help to take care of the gifts part. Here now is my Christmas wishlist for possibly the last year in history.
A Weekend With Ellen

RAWR indeed.

A Weekend With Ellen. It’s a gravure photobook featuring Ellen Adarna spending a lazy weekend at the beach, drinking coffee, and eating pancakes. Sounds hot. I am a fan of fine women and I appreciate the art of their sexy bodies. Do not judge lest ye be punched in the neck.

P.S. – An actual weekend with Ellen Adarna would be nice too.

 Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

image from The Inquirer

A Galaxy Note 10.1 or an iPad. I’m slowly turning into an Android acolyte and I’ve always been meaning to get me one of those tablet thingamajigs, so a Galaxy Note 10.1 would make my year. However, those infernal iPad machines also seem pretty boss. Either one will do.

Skottie Young Variant Covers

Any Marvel NOW! issue with an adorable Skottie Young variant cover. Marvel has struck gold with this Skottie Young fellow and his cute Marvel Babies covers. I’m not the intense comic book collector that I used to be but I would love to collect these Marvel NOW! issues with Skottie Young variants. If you’re going to get me 1 or 1 dozen, may I suggest you purchase them from Comicx Hub or Castle Geek? They’re good people.

A Transform Robot Version 7.2. Quite a long shot since it isn’t widely available for consumers, but man, I want one of these remote-controlled cars THAT ACTUALLY TRANSFORM INTO ROBOTS. They even have rocket launchers and WiFi cameras and shit. Behold, Kenji Ishida’s mad creation:

OK, I’m pretty sure I’ll only get a couple of socks and a dozen canned text messages about the reason of the season, and I’m fine with that. You guys actually don’t have to get me anything. But that would mean you are terrible Internet friends. Just saying.

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