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26 Awkward X-Men the Animated Series Screencaps

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I’m re-watching all 5 seasons of X-Men the Animated Series because it’s my favorite Marvel animated series of all time. Aside from the nostalgia it brings with every corny line and generic cartoon voice, it beats the rest of the animated offerings throughout the years by sticking very closely to comics canon. From costume designs to character relationships, it’s the closest TV show to the X-Men comics we’ve ever had. Well, at least to the X-Men comics of the 90’s.

I’m having way too much fun reliving my childhood and the era of comics when big guns and unnecessary pouches were considered awesome. I’m not leaving you guys out of the fun, though. For your amusement, I took 27 awkward screencaps from the second season of X-Men the Animated Series. But before I present the gallery to you, here are some suggestions on how you can make use of the screencaps:

X-Men the Animated Series

X-Men the Animated Series

X-Men the Animated Series

X-Men the Animated Series

X-Men the Animated Series

And now, here are 26 awkward (and sometimes inappropriate) screencaps of X-Men the Animated Series Season 2. Just click to giant-size.



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