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10 Things from SDCC that Rocked My Face

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I didn’t go to the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, but thanks to the magic of the Internets, I got all the news and ridiculous photos of ridiculous people in ridiculous costumes from the event that I needed. And then some. It took me a couple of days to rummage through my bookmarks and feeds, but I eventually singled out 10 news items that made my balls sweaty with geeky anticipation. Here be the list:

1. Agents of Atlas Ongoing Series! My mancrush on Jeff Parker began when I was awesomed deeply by the Agents of Atlas mini-series back in 2006. My love for AoA has been well documented, so it goes without saying that I am extremely happy to learn that I’ll be getting my dose of AoA monthly starting early 2009.

2. Wolverine Movie Mutants! The first trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine was shown during the convention, and it confirmed the appearances of several X characters like Sabretooth, The Blob, Deadpool (Ryan fuckin’ Reynolds!) and Gambit! Of course, some of these characters don’t exactly tie into Wolverine’s comic book origins, but who cares, right? Well, the uptight fanboys do, but who cares about them? AMIRITE?! *high five*

3. Flash: Rebirth! I missed out on Green Lantern: Rebirth, so I’m not going to let this one pass. Barry Allen. Geoff Johns. Ethan Van Sciver. Early 2009. After 20 years of being dead, The Flash will be reborn! YESSSS.

4. War Machine! I’ve always been interested in Jim Rhodes, but I haven’t read a lot of War Machine stuff. I only get my War Machine fix from Avengers: The Initiative. I guess I’ll get my chance to get a regular fix of Iron Man in steroids when War Machine takes over the Iron Man: Director of SHIELD title with Greg Pak on the helm.

5. Red Sonja Movie! OK, I’m not that excited about the Robert Rodriguez-produced Red Sonja film starring Rose McGowan. I just wanna see a hot redhead with a sword hacking and slashing through musclebound brutes. Meh.

6. Legion of Super-Heroes Coming to Smallville! I know. Smallville isn’t exactly as watchable as it was during it’s first couple of seasons, but maybe a dose of Geoff Johns and the Legion can spice things up. Johns will be writing the 9th episode of Smallville’s 8th season. It’s entitled “Legion” and it will introduce the Legion into the series. If anybody can pull it off, it’s The Geoff.

7. Battle for the Cowl! A teaser image was unleashed upon the nerds during SDCC, and it features Catwoman, Hush, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. Also, Batman’s cowl. It looks like Bruce Wayne will not be Batman after the Batman R.I.P. storyline wraps up, and one of these guys will most likely take up the mantle of the Bat. Place your bets, kiddies! My money’s on Dick!

8. War of Kings! Next year, another war will engulf the Marvel U, and on the front lines? THE KINGS. It looks like the Inhumans and the Shi’Ar are on a collision course and it’s going to be a battle of cosmic proportions! With Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning on the helm, I’m frickin’ psyched about this event!

9. X Infernus! Yes, that’s a hot Russian demon with a really huge ax. Magik, in her Darkchylde persona, returns in the next X-Event scheduled to start later this year. It’s supposedly a sequel to one of Marvel’s storylines from the 80’s, Inferno. I haven’t read any of the Inferno issues, but I don’t care. Recent X-Events have rocked my face and I’ll be damned (hyuk! hyuk!) if I don’t let this one do the same.

10. Gaiman on Batman! Did I stutter? Well, just to be clear… NEIL GAIMAN. TWO BATMAN COMICS IN JANUARY 2009. “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CAPED CRUSADER?” ‘Nuff said.

Man, I didn’t go to SDCC but I feel exhausted in a good way because of all these upcoming face rockers. I can’t imagine how orgasmic it was for those who actually went. Maybe someday I can experience this Nerd Nirvana too. Someday. *cue sad piano solo*



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