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10 Awesome Covers From Marvel’s February 2013 Solicitations

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I just went through Marvel’s solicitations for February 2013 and I saw a bunch of really nice covers. The combination of old favorite artists and new bringers of eye candy is just one reason why this whole Marvel NOW! is tickling my inner child in various inappropriate ways. That being said, here are my favorite covers from the list. And oh, beeteedubs, below each image is a link to a wallpaper specifically cropped for Samsung Galaxy S3 screens. I love these covers so much that I turned them into wallpapers for my phone. I figured I might as well share them with you guys. You’re welcome.

Nova #1

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

Nova #1 variant cover by Marcos Martin. I really wasn’t interested in this new Nova ongoing by Loeb and McGuinness by Marcos Martin has the ability to give characters this certain charm that I just can’t resist. He did it with Dr. Strange and Daredevil, and now he’s doing it again with this cover. Damn you, Martin!

Uncanny X-Men #1

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

Uncanny X-Men #1 cover by Chris Bachalo. Bachalo actually made Cyclops creepy and threatening, you guys. I’m not really crazy about the new costumes, but I’m really into this whole Cyclops-Magneto-Magik-Emma Frost X-Gang right now.

Journey Into Mystery #649

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

Journey Into Mystery #649 by Jeff Dekal. The Lady Sif is about to stomp a mud hole IN YOUR FACE. And apparently, that’s the new Spider-Man — the superior one. Don’t really care, though. I just need to see more bad ass Sif covers. Make it so, Mr. Dekal!

FF #4

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

FF #4 variant cover by Michael Allred. That right there is Ms. Thing. Don’t ask. All you need to know is I’m a sucker for Allred’s quirky character design and groovy poses.

All-New X-Men #7

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

All-New X-Men #7 cover by Stuart Immonen. That’s so wrong but it looks so right. Mystique looks like she’s molesting Young Cyclops. Whatever’s going on here, Stuart Immonen has got my attention and I need to know what’s going to happen behind this cover — even though I think the first issue of this Bendis-helmed series was MEH.

X-Men Legacy #6

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

X-Men Legacy #6 cover by Mike Del Mundo. I’ve seen a bunch of covers for this new series and I love all of them. Seriously, I’m glad to see covers that look and feel fresh. Kudos, Mike Del Mundo! As far as the series itself goes, it’s my favorite new Marvel NOW! title so far.

Scarlet Spider #14

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

Scarlet Spider #14 cover by Max Fiumara. Dude. Gross.

Hawkeye #8

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

Hawkeye #8 cover by David Aja. David Aja can never go wrong. EVER. Whether it’s interiors or covers, this man knocks it out of the park every single time.

X-Men #41

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

X-Men #41 cover by Adam Kubert. If you know me (you probably don’t), you’d know that I’m a huge X-Men fan. So while I kind of hate Adam Kubert’s art, I just love this cover. Different eras of X-History with characters both living and dead. It just gives you the bittersweet feeling of an era ending, which is just appropriate for the cover of a final issue.

Savage Wolverine #2

Galaxy S3 Wallpaper (720×1280)

Savage Wolverine #2 cover by Milo Manara. MANARA FUCK YEAH! I will never get tired of that Manara face.

Man, these solicitations are fun. Let’s do this again!

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  1. You know what's magical? I tried these on my iPhone and it worked! Even though my iPhone is an iPhone and isn't an SIII, it still worked! SORCERU!

    (But yeah thanks for these awesome covers.)

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