Saving Money With Nordstrom Coupons

We can all agree that one of the greatest dilemmas in our adult life is money — specifically how to save it. The most obvious strategy would be to just stash your hard earned cash away and live way below you means. But you’ve got to ask yourself if you do that, would you truly be living? A certain portion of your happiness depends on things you can buy, so you have no choice but to spend your money. You just have to be smart about it.


For people who have good taste in fashion — definitely not me — being frugal is an essential characteristic to successfully build one’s style without breaking the bank. Hunting for bargains in bazaars and strategically positioning yourself outside a store before it opens for their sale day are great ways to be get the most bang for your buck, and so is online shopping through Nordstrom.

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3 Spectacular Sears Coupons

I just recently started ordering stuff from abroad and I quickly found out that if there’s one thing I love about online shopping, it’s discounts. If you’re like me, you’ll always be on the lookout for coupons and special promo codes. As a responsible blogger and overall good human being, I thought I’d share some pretty sweet Sears coupons you can use from ordering stuff from the retail giant.


First, a little background on Sears just in case you’re still not aware of who they are and what they do. Sears has committed itself to private-label brands such as Kenmore, DieHard, Harmony House, Coldspot, J.C. Higgins, and Craftsman throughout its century-long history. These brands have built names synonymous with safety and quality standards. As far as department store chains go, Sears should be right there at the top of your list of most trusted names.

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Batgirl #35 Review – Damn, Bae!

I have hated — HATED — the New 52 almost as soon as it started and for the past 3 years, I’ve only followed one DC title and it is out of continuity. Things may finally be turning around for my relationship with DC with Batgirl #35 — but not completely.

Batgirl #35

I’ve only read the first two issues of this New 52 Batgirl series and not even Gail Simone can save it from the totally depressing tone of the relaunched DC line. So with the announcement of a new creative team taking over, promising a brighter and a more optimistic tone, I decided to give it a shot.

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Wytches #1 Review – Who Would You Pledge?

When was the last time a comic book freaked you out? Me, just a couple of days ago when I read Scott Snyder’s Wytches #1. Not sure why it’s spelled like that but if it’s to tell readers this isn’t the witches we all know from pop culture, then good call. These witches are sinister gods hiding in the woods and they will MESS. YOU. UP.

Wytches #1

From the opening scene up to the last page, Snyder and artist Jock pulls us in to a world where we experience fear, dread, and the sinking feeling that something horrible is lurking in the shadows and it is coming for us.

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The Best and Worst of “Of Manila” Twitter Accounts

It all started with a few chuckles and some legitimate laugh-out-loud moments as @TitasOfManila began running roughshod over Twitter. Then it spawned a bunch of copycat accounts which, like most things on the Internet, quickly turned into a nitro-powered bandwagon of legitimately hilarious and undeniably unfunny — not to mention offensive — Of Manila Twitter accounts. And like most bandwagons, it is destined to be a hot mess of a train wreck. Jansen Musico of The Philippine Star calls it an “epidemic“. I call it “beautiful”.

Of Manil Twitter Accounts of Manila

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