People Hate ‘Godzilla’ For The Same Reasons I Love It

There will be Godzilla SPOILERS here, so if you don’t want to see those, don’t go past the following awesome image. Otherwise, read on, children.


The 2 complaints I usually hear from people who don’t like the new Godzilla movie are as follows:

  • We don’t get to see the big guy until we’re an hour or so into the movie.
  • The film completely abandons the engaging family drama in the first act.

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5 Things About ‘The Flash’ Trailer

If you haven’t seen the full trailer of The CW’s The Flash, watch it now. WATCH IT!

Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve been skeptical about this Arrow spin-off since I’m not sure honest-to-goodness costumed super-powered superheroes would work on TV. In movies, they’re spectacular. On TV, NOPE. But this trailer makes the show look amazing and I’m hoping it really is. I’m not setting my expectations too high because that would only lead to major disappointment — I’m looking at you, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pre-Captain America: The Winter Soldier – but there’s enough here to lure me in, throbbing with anticipation.

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DotA: Nakakabaliw – Where do I even begin?

A movie called DotA: Nakakabaliw is in Metro Manila theaters right now and it has me stumped. This is not a review of the movie because I haven’t seen it yet and you would have to set my balls on fire to force me to consider buying a ticket. Instead, this is me just judging the movie based on its trailer and poster because that’s what I do.

Before we begin, let me just say that I take great joy in making fun of DotA and its legions of supporters and haters on this blog. The hilarity produced by the DotA culture is simply magnificent.

Now let’s discuss what the film is about. It allegedly explores the consequences of playing an online game too much. A group of teenagers’ obsession over DotA leads them down a dark path to danger and insanity. Like, you’re talking smack with your buddies at a computer shop one second, and the next, you’re roaming the streets and stealing bananas from whiny vendors. Interesting premise, I have to admit. The execution, however, is also interesting — but not in a good way. Let’s take a look at DotA: Nakakabaliw‘s poster:

DotA: Nakakabaliw

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Review: Captain America – The Winter Soldier

There will be spoilers but they will be at the end of the post. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when to look away if you’re anal about spoilers. Now let’s talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Super Political Action Thriller

While the movie has a lot of moving parts in terms of characters and twists, the plot is fairly simple. We’ve seen this story dozens of times already in action thriller, political thriller, and espionage movies: somebody finds out something that’s supposed to be a big secret so everybody else tries to kill them. Also, it involves car chases and insane parkour Jason Bourne type of shit action sequences.

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Falling in Love with Chvrches by Way of Arctic Monkeys

I’ve been constantly hearing and reading about Chvrches for the past couple of months but I haven’t really tried listening to them as I’m not really a fan of the whole synthpop thing. I’m currently into southern gothic thanks to all the wonderful mixes on 8tracks, but all it takes is one lovely cover of an Arctic Monkeys song to reel me in.

Chvrches just did a cover of Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys and — like a lot of the most interesting things on the Internet tend to do — found its way into my Twitter timeline. I gave it a listen because it was either that or I explore the WWE tag on Tumblr, and man, was I glad that I skipped The Shield slashfic and the long essays about AJ Lee’s title reign.

The Shield

I like how they beat up other people but I definitely don’t want to see them “beating up” each other.

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